Animate Images and Logos Easily with UnFREEz

Images form part and parcel of every website. Nowadays, you will find images with every article or blog post. This is because of the influence of social media. An article or a blog post with an image makes a big impact across Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

However, you will sometimes have a requirement where you need to combine two or more images and create an animated sequence. By default, Windows Operating System doesn’t provide any tool to create animated images. Hence, you need to depend upon third party software such as UnFREEz.

What is UnFREEz?

UnFREEz enables you to create animated images in GIF format. You need to drag and drop GIF images from your computer. After adding the images or frames, you need to set time with which the each images should animate. Finally, the tool will automatically create a single animated GIF file where you can view all the selected images one by one.

Getting Started with UnFREEz

After downloading UnFREEz, you need to extract the contents of the ZIP file and open the tool, which is roughly 20 KB in size. This means you need not have to wait for a long time for the download to complete. Moreover, you can directly open the tool without performing any installation. The tool will look like as shown below when you double click UnFREEz icon.


The first process is to drag and drop images. You should note that the images should be in GIF format.

You can easily create GIF images with the help of Microsoft Paint. However, you will be able to view a warning message when you attempt to save an image in GIF format using Paint. For the purpose of this article, I ignored the warning and saved the file. You should create 2 or more images so that you can use them with the UnFREEz.

Open the folder where you have saved the images and also simultaneously open UnFREEz. I would suggest you to select all the images and drop them into the Frames section of UnFREEz.


Setting Loop

Once you have added the required images, the next step is to set a time interval. The images will animate depending upon the time set.

Select the checkbox labelled “Loop animation” and enter a value on the frame delay box. You should note that the value is measured as centiseconds. In simple words, 100 centiseconds equals 1 second. If you provide a value of 500, the images will animate once in every 5 seconds. You can also use the up and down arrow to select a value.


Building Animated GIF

You have now selected the images and set the time interval. The final step is to select Make Animated GIF button. The output will be created and saved onto the selected location.

If you would like to modify the animation sequence or time interval you can do by repeating the steps mentioned above.

As you can see, it is easy to create animated GIF images using UnFREEz tool. It doesn’t consume much resources or hard disk space.



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