Uninstalling a Program from Control Panel

Imagine you purchased a new Intel computer. Over the period of time, you will install new applications and programs which are required for your day to day usage. You should uninstall a program properly in order to avoid any kind of problem.

Follow the steps mentioned below to uninstall an installed program

(1) Click Start menu icon

(2) Select the option – Control Panel

(3) You should view a list of items starting with Action Center

(4) Select the option – Programs and Features

(5) You will view a list of programs which are installed on your computer with the title – Uninstall or change a program

(6) Select a program name which needs to be uninstalled and select the link with the title – Uninstall

Windows 7 Control Panel


(7) Alternatively, you can also activate the menu option by selecting the drop down link with the title – Organize and selecting Menu bar from the Layout menu.

(8) You will view a menu bar on the top of the Control Panel screen as soon as you activate the menu bar.

Control Panel Menu

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