Uniross Charger with Ni-Cd 4 AA 800Mah Rechargeable Batteries

Uniross charger can be used to charge AA batteries mainly used for digital cameras. Normal AA batteries last only for a few shots since most of the cameras available currently are big power eaters especially with the arrival of cameras with LCD monitor. Hence, there is a need for good rechargeable batteries. They last long time since it has more power than traditional batteries.

Getting Started

I purchased Uniross Charger from indiaplaza.in. The charger came with four batteries. Although only two batteries are required for most of the cameras you can keep stock of the remaining ones and use it side-by-side. You can initially charge all the four batteries and then use them as and when required.

My Impressions

I found that pins on the back side of the charger were not straight, when I opened Uniross Charger package. I was bit disappointed and guessed that I received a defective product. I then directly contacted Uniross for a clarification but their UK support confirmed that they don’t sell this product there. But after two days I received an e-mail from their New Delhi office with a nice reply. They suggested me to straighten the pins using hand or some other tool and if it fails they will replace the product in whole even if the package was opened. I was amazed by their attitude, professionalism and customer service.

It was not possible to straighten the pins using hand as suggested by the vendor because it was too hard. I used a cutting player to fix the unit and the product functions without any hassles.  Moreover, the charger is compatible with Ni-mh and Ni-Cd batteries. I found that the instructions which came along with the batteries are incomplete.

I used Uniross Charger along with my Canon Powershot 570IS camera but the batteries got discharged after a few shots. I then need to replace them with a charged battery. I found that the life of the batteries is pretty poor even after charging them for a whole two days. It may be due to the heavy usage of power by latest cameras but I am now unable to use the batteries because of this problem. The vendor should take into account the above suggestion and should develop batteries which lasts longer when used with digital cameras. I think the battery will last long if I reduce the picture resolution which I am yet to test it out.

The Good – Handy, Ships with 4 rechargable batteries

The Bad – Faulty Pins, Poor recharge life

Ease of Use – 5 | Performance – 3 | Value for Money – 3

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