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DB Software Laboratory announces new release of Visual Importer ETL, the visual integration software for the Windows platforms. The vendor, the world’s leading innovator in data integration and management technologies, today has announced the release of Visual Importer ETL, the latest version of the visual integration software for the Windows platforms. The application combines ETL and design capabilities all within one environment, significantly simplifying the creation and deployment of complex data warehouses and marts.

Comparing to previous release there are four major improvements:

– Massive performance gains
– Support for Unicode
– Better integration for Oracle databases
– Support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Interbase/Firebird

We put a lot of effort into optimizing data import engine of “Visual Importer ETL” and as a result, it is much smaller, efficient and faster now. For example loading delimited text file into MS SQL Sever via BCP 500000 lines.

– Visual Importer ETL Standard version

2229 records per second
3 minutes and 44 seconds to load the data

– Visual Importer ETL Standard version

14347.58 records per second
34 seconds to load the data

Another important change is the ability to load data from Utf8, Utf16BE, Utf16LE files with or without BOM. There is also full support for international characters for ODBC connections, MS SQL Servers and Oracle databases.

“Visual Importer ETL” features a well-organized, straightforward program interface and simplified navigation, requiring no specialized programming skills in database deployment. By completely automating all stages of data processing, the application eliminates the need for any regular intervention and upkeep.

Below are some of the most significant “Visual Importer ETL” features:

– Easily extract and transform data from one database or file to another;
– Ultra-fast processing of input data;
– Comprehensive Error log;
– Rejected records file;
– Integrated Expressions builder;
– Calculations during loading process;
– Pivot tables loading;
– Mapping editor;
– Package designer

And here is what one of the customers think about the latest release: “‘I just transferred 10,000,000 million records from the main SQL Anywhere database over the network into a PostgreSQL database without a hitch…Thank you…You guys rock!”

Pricing and Availability

Visual Importer ETL runs under Windows NT4.0/2000/XP/2008. Its price starts from $100 for standard version. Registered customers are entitled to free updates and technical support. The 30-day fully functional evaluation version of the program is available for free at

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