Visual Studio 2015 Adds Android Emulator, Windows 10, Lambda Debugging Support, PerfTips Tool and Enhanced IntelliTrace UI

The recently released Visual Studio 2015 ships with new diagnostic features such as platform support, customer feedback and performance improvements in addition to historical debugging with IntelliTrace.

Visual Studio 2015 platform support has added support for Windows 10 and various Windows 10 devices such as desktops, tablets, phones, Xbox and HoloLens. You will be able to perform Visual Studio debugging and profiling for these devices. Microsoft has also added support for profiling and debugging .NET Native apps in addition to ASP.NET 5 debugging.

Moreover, Visual Studio 2015 provides support for C++ mobile cross-platform development in addition to debugging Android and debugging iOS apps. Visual Studio 2015 includes support for debugging iOS Apache Cordova projects in addition to a brand new Android emulator.

Visual Studio 2015 Android Emulator

Visual Studio 2015 provides an ability to easily configure breakpoints. Microsoft has published a detailed document on the new Breakpoint Configuration Experience. You can also watch a demo which helps you to learn about the usage of Breakpoint settings.

Visual Studio 2015 Debugging

With the help of Visual Studio 2015, you will be able to configure exceptions in a different manner when compared with previous editions. It also provides support for lambda debugging and includes several improvements related to .NET edit and continue. You will be able to build XAML applications with the help of UI Debugging Tools for XAML.

Visual Studio includes PerfTips tool, which enables you to identify performance issues very easily. The IDE also includes a brand new Diagnostic Tools window with the Break events, CPU Usage and Memory Usage tools.

Daniel Moth, Program Manager, Visual Studio has provided relevant link to useful articles and videos in his official blog post. Visual Studio 2015 includes a new IntelliTrace timeline, which enable developers to visualize application execution over time. Moreover, it also enables you to select and focus on ranges of time. This feature enables you to filter the events as per your preference.

Visual Studio 2015 includes revamped IntelliTrace UI and experience. With the help of Just My Code (JMC) support, you will be able to display the collected data on real time. The historical debugging feature provides an enhanced, streamlined and polished experience. Daniel has posted several useful links which helps you to learn about the new features of Visual Studio 2015.

Historical debugging with IntelliTrace

Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition is a combined version of Premium and Ultimate editions. Developers will be able to make use of IntelliTrace, which was not possible with Visual Studio Ultimate edition.

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