Book Review – Visual Studio 2015 Succinctly

Syncfusion has published several Succinctly series eBook’s which are available free of cost for the community. Visual Studio 2015 Succinctly ebook┬áis the latest addition to the series and it examines the important aspects involved with the latest release of Visual Studio 2015.

Visual Studio 2015 Succinctly has been divided into 9 chapters. Chapter 1 examines the concepts related to account management including automatic sign in for Microsoft services.

While chapter 2 examines the creation and management of shared projects, chapter 3 provides a detailed coverage of the Visual Studio 2015 code editor, which includes touch gestures, colorized tooltips, light bulbs, refactoring and the various ways to fix errors.

The author has examined XAML editor in chapter 4 with special reference to peek definition. You will learn the steps involved to save, apply and manage custom window layouts in addition to restoration of default layout.

Visual Studio 2015 Succinctly

Chapter 6 examines the debugging improvements in Visual Studio 2015 with reference to Lambda Expressions and PerfTips. The chapter also examines the various diagnostic tools and management of Breakpoints. Chapter 7 examines the management of NuGet packages.

Chapter 8 provides a detailed coverage of the development of ASP.NET and Azure applications using Visual Studio 2015. The author examines ASP.NET 5 core project templates, IntelliSense improvements, Azure resource manager, Blob storage folders, Azure code analysis, WebJobs and support for HDInsight.

The final chapter examines the relevant steps required to build mobile apps using Visual Studio 2015. You will learn how to build apps for iOS, Apache Cordova. Towards the end of the chapter, the author also provides detailed coverage of the various Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova.

The author has examined the concepts with the help of screenshots and relevant code samples. If you go through the book, you will be able to know that the author has examined each and every concept in detailed manner.

Visual Studio 2015 Succinctly is a compact book which helps you to learn all the new features of the latest release without spending any penny.

Book Review - Visual Studio 2015 Succinctly Book Cover Book Review - Visual Studio 2015 Succinctly
Alessandro Del Sole
July 2015

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