Visual Studio Online Adds Improved Load Test Experience

Microsoft has added improved load test experience in Visual Studio Online. However, the new feature is available only to VS Online customers licensed with an MSDN Ultimate Subscription.

In order to work with load test experience, navigate to your Visual Studio online account. You will be able to see a new tab labeled Load Test.

Visual Studio Online Load Test

You will be allowed to run a very simple load test if you click on the option. As a developer, you will be able to specify following parameters

  • URL
  • How many users you want to simulate
  • How long you want the test to run
  • How fast you want your users clicking and what browser mix you want

After providing the above options, select Test Now button

Visual Studio Online Load Testing

Visual Studio Online engine will acquire load test agents from our pool, configure the test and run it. As soon as this process is completed, it will digest all of the results and give you a simple analysis of your load test showing the average response time, # of requests per second and any errors encountered.

Visual Studio Online Load Test Application Performance

In order to create complex load tests with many pages, you should make use of Visual Studio Ultimate.

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