Visual Studio Survey for Cordova and Web App Developers

The Visual Studio design research team recently announced a survey to gather inputs about the various ways in which developers ensure high code quality.

Visual Studio Survey for Cordova and Web App Developers

The Visual Studio survey is specifically oriented for those developers who build hybrid apps using Apache Cordova and those who build web applications. According to Microsoft, the inputs gathered from the survey will be used to build the future releases of Visual Studio.

The survey prompts you to complete the following

Which of the following describes you? (Check all that apply):
Which of the following best describes your primary role? (Select one):

The options are same for above two queries

  • I’m a web or mobile app developer (skills and expertise: JavaScript, HTML, CSS)
  • I’m a LOB app developer (skills and expertise: WinForms, ASP.NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript)
  • I’m a lead architect/ technical lead (skills and expertise: Application architecture, integrate legacy with new apps, JAVA, .NET, OOSD)
  • I’m a services developer (skills and expertise: SOA, REST API, .NET)
  • I’m a consumer app developer (skills and expertise: Android SDK, iOS SDK, xCode, Java, Objective C, Eclipse)
  • I’m a VAR/SI developer (skills and expertise: C, C++ Lua, F#, C#, Python)
  • I’m a AAA game developer (skills and expertise: Unity 3D, Game engines, C++, Direct x)
  • IT Professional

You will be required to provide number of employees in your company and primary coding languages.

The Visual Studio survey will also prompt you to provide the type of applications you develop

  • Cordova/PhoneGap-based hybrid app
  • WWA app
  • Web app

Learnxpress feels that the Visual Studio survey is incomplete as Microsoft doesn’t collect any written feedback from developers. There should be a input box to enable developers to provide the details of the new features they would like to see in the upcoming versions of Visual Studio.

If you are from United States, you will be eligible to participate in sweepstakes for a chance to win a $100 or $50 Visa gift card. You should note that you are eligible to win only if you are from United States.

However, you can participate in the survey and provide your valuable feedback.

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