Web API OData 5.3 Adds Dynamic Collection Property and Complex Type Inheritance

Web API OData 5.3, recently released by Microsoft provide support for $levels in $expand, open entity type, dynamic collection property in open type, $count in the ODataPathHandler including support for complex type inheritance.

Web API OData 5.3 makes use of OData Core Libraries 6.5.0 and is available for download from the NuGet gallery. It also includes a new feature with which developers will be able to upgrade to ODL V6.5.

Microsoft also fixed few bugs reported by developers in Web API OData 5.3 as mentioned below

  1. config.EnableQuerySupport() causes errors in Web API OData 5.2 (v3)
  2. DefaultODataBatchHandler doesn’t handle urls relative to the batch endpoint properly
  3. Updating ‘Microsoft.OData.Core 6.4.0’ to ‘Microsoft.OData.Core 6.5.0’ failed
  4. If-Match and If-None-Match should support value “*”
  5. Access EnumNode.Kind throws NotImplementedException
  6. [Required] attribute doesn’t work on a property of Complex type
  7. ODataBatchHandler should contain more common helpers
  8. EnumProperty/$value/something should report error that $value must be the last segment
  9. Make the internal constructor as public in BoundActionPathSegment
  10. Parameters Property of SingleEntityFunctionCallNode should never be null

Microsoft has published a detailed overview of Web API OData and also maintains a discussion forum.

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