Windows TH Preview to be Unveiled with Insider Program

Microsoft is scheduled to announce the roadmap for the next version of Windows on September 30, Tuesday at an event in San Francisco.

There are rumours spreading all over the web over the name of the next Windows. Initially, some people referred it to as Windows 9. According to unconfirmed sources, the new name will be Windows TH.

Windows TH has been named by analysts as Windows Threshold. Microsoft is expected to release a preview of the Windows TH operating system by early October.

“The Windows TH name is likely a placeholder, or it may indicate the company isn’t ready to fully name its next version of Windows.” says Tom Warren, Reporter, Verge.

Many reporters posted screenshots from the leaked edition of Windows TH. Hence, Microsoft will most probably launch the preview build immediately after the event next week.

According to reports coming in, Windows Threshold Preview is expected to include a new start menu, notification center, virtual desktops feature in addition to extensive UI changes to the desktop.

Microsoft will also launch a Windows Insider Preview Program for enthusiasts and IT professionals. The program will enable them to download preview, alpha and beta builds of Windows TH immediately after the release of the bits by Microsoft. Hwoever, the link is not yet active.

Windows TH Preview

However, the program is being created to gather feedback and opinion from users. The relevant link has been removed and will be likely available after the release of preview.

“Get the latest preview builds as soon as they’re available plus access to an easy-to-use feedback app,” says Brad Sams, Editor, Neowin

Microsoft will sometimes provide boxed Windows TH when it is released finally for all Insider participants. But this is only a rumour.

If you decide to participate in the Windows TH Insider program, you need to set aside a separate laptop for testing purpose.

Keep in mind that the next version of Windows will be named as Windows TH or Windows 9 or just Windows. Rumours will float across the web and social media but it is the ultimate decision of Microsoft.

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