My experiences with #DearZindagi

Dear Zindagi,

First of all, I would like to thank life for bringing me to the wonderful world of Earth. I would like to thank my parents. This is because without them I would not be in this world of #DearZindagi.

I had cried a lot when I was a little kid. However, my parents showed great amount of patience to grow me up. I would have cried during eating, sleep and much more.

I still remember the day I bite my nails when my father dropped me to the school. My father noticed it at that time. However, he asked me not to cry. Thanks to my life for giving such a wonderful father. My mother is also equally responsible for my life. This is because she used to serve me with great food.

When I am back from school, she used to prepare tiffin for myself and my brother. She will never ask me to study immediately. I used to play cricket with my brother till 6PM until my father returns from office. Thanks to my mother for showing this kind of affection during my school days.

My school principal was very strict. He used to ask me to bring my mother since I got low-grade in regional language subject. I used to tell this to my mother and she agrees to visit my school. She never scolded me for getting low marks. I am thankful to life for giving a great mother.

My life was full of ups and downs. I had suffered a major health problem several years back. My father wrote a letter to my grandparents and they immediately rushed. They came with temple offering and my grandfather directly applied it to my head. I still remember the time I spend with them. My grandmother used to prepare food for me. I sincerely thank #DearZindagi for gifting me with excellent grandparents.

The best gift given by life is my brother. He would teach me Maths when I was in school. When I asked him about the intention to join a computer course, he asked me to give the application. He paid cash for me and I finished the course with high marks. He still helps me when I ask him anything. I thank #DearZindagi for gifting me such a wonderful brother.

I had faced health problems several times over last 14 years. It was my mother and father who stood by me for all the time. When I was hospitalized 6 years back, my father held me even though he was not well. I am very much thankful to life and god for providing me with great parents.

I am going to share a sad story. I had worked as a computer faculty for 2 years. There I met a girl named Dhanya who was my student. I liked her very much but I never told my love to her. I was not sure whether she liked me. It was a one-sided love.

During my last day at work, she turned back when I was going home and smiled. I think if I had told her my love, she would have been my life partner now. I still feel very sad about this. But I am not complaining to #DearZindagi about this untold love story.

From my point of view, I will have to face consequences on my own during my old age. I am ready to face anything and I am sure #DearZindagi will not let me down.

I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda.

Yours Sincerely

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