Zune HD Not Playing with Philips SBA3011GRN speaker

I recently purchased Philips SBA3011GRN speaker with the intention that I can hear audio using my lovely Zune HD. However, I was bit disappointed when Zune failed to play with the cute speaker even if I set Zune volume to 30.

Zune HD

I contacted Philips support and they were helpless. I was however able to work with Philips SBA3011GRN speaker using my iPod classic, iPod touch and even old white coloured iPod without display which I got as a gift in 2002.

However, I managed to work with my Zune HD using my long Techcom speaker. I contacted Zune support over Twitter but they are unable to solve the problem.

The main problem with the Philips speaker is that it doesn’t have a separate volume control. I failed to verify this crucial information before purchase.

Philips SBA3011GRN Speaker

The speaker volume depends upon the volume from the device. In case of Zune HD, maximum volume level is 30 which is the bit low as far as Philips speaker is concerned.

On the other hand., the techcom speaker has a separate volume control on the front of the set and it amplifies the volume. Hence, if you purchase a speaker for your Zune HD then you should first verify if the speaker has separate volume control.

I am still looking for a possible solution to enable my Zune HD to play with Philips SBA3011GRN speaker.


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